Why NW Montessori Program?

Students in the New Westminster Montessori program study the same curriculum as the regular public schools, completing the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s Learning Standards. They learn through the Montessori methods, working with carefully selected materials that demonstrate the concepts to be learned in a concrete way before moving on to more abstract learning. The students not only learn from the teacher, but are also given the opportunity to learn on their own as well as from other students in the classroom. The multiaged classes let the students be the teacher and the learner, allowing them to develop their skills and build confidence in their learning.

Being in a small school district, the Montessori teachers don’t often change schools. This allows the students to become more familiar with the teachers, creating a comfortable learning environment.

Students in our Montessori programs go on to be successful in the regular school
programs in middle and high schools.
Parental support for the program is high and had parents not advocated for this
program it would not exist in our current public school system.


Where does it come from?

There are two ways of answering this.

Though the New Westminster Montessori Program is part of the public school district and available to families at no cost, each Montessori classroom has well over $10,000 in special Montessori materials which are paid for by the parents through donations (via the New Westminster Montessori Society). Each year teachers usually need to replace a few materials–some are lost, many are well-loved ❤️; parent monthly or annual donations help teachers maintain a well-equipped classroom for the child(ren).

Many Montessori parents work together to provide the money for these marvelous materials which make the Montessori program possible. Some parents participate in fundraising activities. Some parents make donations (all of which are tax deductible). Some parents actually make some of the materials (thereby saving the Society hundreds of dollars.) Some amazing parents do all of the above.

How is money spent?

All donated money is spent on Montessori materials to update classrooms, as well as Montessori focused field trips and experiences for the children.  All Montessori teachers can make a special request for necessary materials to be purchased. Every Montessori teacher gets an equal amount of money per school year that can be spent on materials and field trips during the year. Occasionally the teachers also spend some funds on guest speakers invited to the schools. For students, these experiences stimulate the development of essential life skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Montessori Schools

Richard McBride Elementary

Richard McBride Elementary School is a medium-sized school that offers the Public Montessori Program Kindergarten to Grade 5.

This school located in the historic Sapperton neighborhood of New Westminster.

Address: 331 Richmond St, New Westminster, BC V3L 4B7

Phone: (604) 517-6090

Connaught Heights Elementary

Connaught Heights Community School is a small, unique and culturally diverse community-oriented school, located in a park like setting in the West End of New Westminster.

The Public Montessori Program offers Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Address: 2201 London Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 3C1

Phone: 604-517-6010

How to Enroll Your Child

The New Westminster Montessori Program is part of the School District No 40 and is available at no cost, although an annual donation from each family helps keep the program running.
Please contact programsofchoice@sd40.bc.ca when applying for entry into grades other than Kindergarten and Grade 1. An application form is required for each child and for each program/school.

When can my child start?

Children can enter the Montessori program in the September of the year they turn 5 years old. Children can enter Montessori anytime up until grade 5. After grade 5, students enter the traditional public school program.

Parent Information Night 2021

How do I apply?

  1. Parents can register at the child’s catchment school for Kindergarten for a period of three weeks starting on the second Monday of January.
  2. Parents complete the application for Montessori available online for a 3 week period starting on the third Monday of January at 9am. For more up to date information, please visit https://newwestschools.ca/programs-services/programs-of-choice/montessori/
  3. Parents submit the online application for Montessori by the second Friday in February. An email will be sent to all applicants confirming their application has been received by the third Friday of February.
  4. For grades other than Kindergarten and grade one, parents should contact programsofchoice@sd40.bc.ca for more information.
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