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Maria Montessori found that children learn best through their activity and the use of all five senses. The students not only learn from the teacher, but are also given the opportunity to learn on their own as well as from other students in the classroom. The multiaged classes let the students be the teacher and the learner, allowing them to develop their skills and build confidence in their learning.

In New Westminster, the Montessori stream is unique as we are such a small school district. Teachers don’t move or change schools very often and are more dedicated to provide the best education to all of our children.

The Montessori Society is composed of the parent volunteers whose children are in a Montessori elementary school in New Westminster.  The program depends on volunteers for all of its activities. We need your help—volunteer today!

We Need Your Support

The New Westminster Montessori Society is a volunteer run registered charity committed to promoting and developing Montessori education in the public school system. We have committed to the School Board to provide all of the materials needed for all existing and new Montessori classrooms.

It costs approximately $15,000 to properly equip a classroom with montessori materials, with ongoing costs each year.

This amount can be raised if all parents in the program donate $100 per child per year or $10 per months for 10 months. All donations are strictly voluntary, tax-deductible, and not mandatory in order for your child(ren) to be in the program.

Your monthly contribution is equal
to two lattes a month.